Did you know the average NSW household throws away $3,800 of edible food each year? Food waste in households, schools and businesses poses a major threat to the environment, causing greenhouse gases and in turn carbon emissions. In Permaculture we say the problem is the solution! If we all take personal responsibility for the waste, collectively we can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Food waste is inevitable however it is about diverting that waste from our red bins or land fill and turning the waste into a valuable resource. We can process this through above and below ground worm farms including the subpod, compost heaps and chickens.
Click below for a free PowerPoint presentation on Solutions for Reducing Food Waste using worm farms, compost heaps and chickens.


5 hour package – $500

– Develop & implement an action plan to reduce waste
at your school driven by the students, supported by teachers
– Includes 2 live zoom sessions
– Includes resources
– Email and phone support

Project ideas:

Soft plastics

Food waste

Bin systems

Nude food

Return and Earn

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