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About the venue:

The property features a eight year old food forest planted on swales, dripping with delicious sub tropical fruits including bananas, guava, feijoa, fig, mango, citrus and stawberries. A chook tractoring system, no dig gardens and a chop and drop mulching system have improved the soil on this rocky ridge where there is now a productive ecosystem. Happy chickens were freeranging in a fox proof chook house reusing an old caravan. Starting with zone 0, the solar passive designed house has been developed over the last 13 years with design features of rammed earth, light earth, mud brick with an on site grey water treatment system, solar panels and even home grown bench tops!

  • Accommodation in our Rammed Earth Home

  • Food Forest – fruit trees planted in swales

  • No dig gardens

  • Chicken house

  • Wicking bed – with leafy greens


Megan Cooke

Founder, teacher – Garden to Table Permaculture

Megan Cooke
Director of Garden to Table Permaculture, Megan has a combined 24 years experience in horticulture, permaculture and outdoor education.
Megan is actively involved in the Permaculture Industry, previously a director for Permaculture Australia. She is now consulting on The Artisan Farmer an exciting project including a Cafe, Deli, Butcher, Bakery and Farm in Nabiac. Megan is busy designing gardens and helping with the set up of this business. Visit www.theartisanfarmer.com.au for more details.

Justin Cooke

Earth Builder – Garden to Table Permaculture

Justin Cooke is the director of Natural Earth Building and he specialises in the construction of Rammed Earth, Mud Brick, Light Earth and Straw Bale. Justin is a landscaper, earth builder and carpenter with a combined 30 years experience. Over the last 13 years he handcrafted his families home and successfully completed his Permaculture Design Course in 2006 with Robyn Francis.

In the past Justin has worked with the Earth Building Association of Australia.

His passion is using natural materials to create handcrafted buildings and designing Permaculture Properties.


“I took this Permaculture Design Course to learn a bit about growing fruit and veg. I didn’t expect it to be a life changing experience. I would highly recommend anyone that is slightly interested in permaculture to do a PDC.”

Chris Rapaport, Utopia Landscaping, Medowie, NSW

“I came into the course knowing that I love to garden but wanting more than just creating a garden that is pretty to look at. The PDC has helped clarify my thoughts on what I need to do within my own garden and how I can share that with people that are likeminded or not. We live in a wasteful society and I like thing to have a purpose and be useful, so I myself is not contributing to this problem. I’ve learnt a lot from the content in the course but it has also encouraged me to go beyond that and research further into other topics and therefore making me reassess what is important to me, my family and our future”.

Britt Van Oostrum, Newcastle, Australia