Edible Garden Tour

Edible Garden Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of our Permaculture Property at Pacific Palms , give us a call on 0413 769 530 and we can arrange a suitable time.

Monday – Friday between 9am – 1.30pm by appointment.

Weekends by appointment.

Nestled amongst a Eucalyptus forest on 8 acres, owners Megan and Justin Cooke are combining their skills of teaching permaculture and natural earth building to create a Permaculture oasis.

The property features a ten year old food forest planted on swales, dripping with delicious sub tropical fruits including olives, bananas, guava, feijoa, fig, mango, citrus and stawberries. A chook tractoring system, no dig gardens and a chop and drop mulching system have improved the soil on this rocky ridge where there is now a productive ecosystem. Happy chickens freerange in a fox proof chook house reusing an old caravan. Starting with zone 0 the house has been developed over the last 10 years with design features of rammed earth, light earth and mud brick, solar passive home including an on site grey water treatment system, solar panels and even home grown bench tops!

The tour includes:

The Food Forest
The Kitchen Garden
Questions and answers
The Chook Pen – a retrofitted caravan
The outside of our Rammed Earth Home
The Reed Bed – our grey water treatment system
Gifts showcasing gardening & local products for sale.
For an Edible Garden tour please call Megan on 0413 769 530.

Tours take approximately 1 hour and is suitable for people who can walk on slightly uneven terrain at a slow pace.

Single Adult – $50 or

Children $10

Group tours are suitable for; School groups, View club, Garden clubs, Probus and anyone interested in learning more about sustainable living.

Group price for:

20 people –  $20 per person.

15 people – $25 per person.

10 people or less – $30 per person.

Please call Megan on 0413 769 530 or fill out the form below.

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